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About us

For more than two decades, growing and offering high quality legal assistance.

Established in 1994, in São Paulo, the Law Firm CUNHA FERRAZ has set itself the goal of providing modern and ethical legal counseling services of technical excellence.

With our extensive experience in corporate affairs, Law Firm  Cunha Ferraz has all conditions  to provided legal counseling on a wide variety of issues concerning the entrepreneurial  law throughout the national territory.

Upholding these principles, our law firm has been experiencing consistent growth over its nearly two decades of existence, adding qualified and experienced professionals specializing in different  areas of expertise, which is indispensable given our goal of providing a customized support  and high-quality legal counseling.

The knowledge base amassed by Law Firm  Cunha Ferraz over time has proved that as we encourage our attorneys to work as a team —irrespective of their respective lines of work—, our clients are the ones who benefit the most because the result, which is a broader yet specialized view, ensures that they will get the best legal advice and representation.

Another characteristic of our firm is that we always work on each of our clients’ issues as though they were our own and unique. This working style stems from our conviction that “sharing” like that is essential for us to effectively assist our clients and achieve the best results for their business and requirements.